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This site is dedicated to the players, coaches and officials that I have had the privilege of sharing a part of my sports’ world with throughout the years. Those who have brought a joy to my passion and a love to my sports’ world. Thank you All!

I am a youth sports coach and high school official who has been working with youth athletes of all ages from 7 – 19 for over 30 years. I have had the honor of participating in coaching clinics involving NFL, NCAA and High School coaches. It has been my pleasure to have been able to participate as a coach and official in youth sports. I am sharing my experiences with you in an effort to provide some insight into what I have learned about communicating with young athletes, their parents, other coaches and officials and to offer my learning moments regarding how I saw the best in the young athletes come out during some of their most difficult times on the field of play.

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  • Effort Takes No Talent
    Middle School Football: Entering the 2019 football season, I was excited to be able to coach a group of young athletes that I had been coaching for a couple of years. It was middle school football and the goal was to help this group of growing young athletes develop their skills, play together and workContinue reading “Effort Takes No Talent”
  • My Partner’s Shoe
    2 Man Crew: Most youth and high school baseball games that I have had the pleasure to umpire in have used 2 umpires. One who stands behind home plate in full protective gear, calls balls and strikes and keeps the game flowing relatively smoothly. This umpire is called the “plate” umpire. The second umpire isContinue reading “My Partner’s Shoe”
  • Experience and Control
    Spring tickles my senses: When I was younger and still in school, my favorite season was definitely Summer! After all, I had really no responsibilities because there was no school. My number 1 priority was finding a way to get to the baseball field in order to watch, play or umpire a baseball game. MyContinue reading “Experience and Control”
  • Preventive Officiating – Part II
    Someone once asked me: When I first started officiating football games in the early 1990’s, I was once asked by a player, “do you like to officiate?” I took the opportunity to have a short conversation with the athlete who asked this question. I started out by saying that I enjoyed officiating because it madeContinue reading “Preventive Officiating – Part II”