Effort Takes No Talent

Middle School Football: Entering the 2019 football season, I was excited to be able to coach a group of young athletes that I had been coaching for a couple of years. It was middle school football and the goal was to help this group of growing young athletes develop their skills, play together and workContinue reading “Effort Takes No Talent”


Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!

It’s a Game, make it FUN: Well, here it is folks, the last in my “Early Lessons” series of posts. The 10th post in this series will focus on what I feel is the #1 most important lesson that I have learned, it’s a game, make it fun! I had the honor of being ableContinue reading “Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!”

Early Lessons – Trust is a Must

Do Your Job!: When I was a young athlete, I had a number of coaches teach what makes a team and an individual successful. One of the standout themes and lessons that I learned from my coaches was, “if you concentrate on the job that you are supposed to be doing and trust that yourContinue reading “Early Lessons – Trust is a Must”

Early Lessons – If You Aren’t Winning…

Someone to Admire: In 2017, I had the privilege of coaching with someone that I respected deeply and admired for how he was pulling double duty as a coach and a father. It was my second year coaching with him and he had a son on our team. He was an enthusiastic coach and hisContinue reading “Early Lessons – If You Aren’t Winning…”

Early Lessons – Control Ends with a Play Called

A Coaches Mission: When I first started coaching and my ego was bigger than the football field itself, I believed that I had the ability to make sure that every play that was called from the sideline would result in a positive outcome. This idea and way of thinking was quickly squashed as I witnessedContinue reading “Early Lessons – Control Ends with a Play Called”

Early Lessons – No Words Needed

Coaches are Teachers: When I watch movies about sports and I see a coach or a player yelling at another player to try and get them to do something in a different or in the “right” way, I start to reflect on the coaches that I have learned from that were quite silent in theirContinue reading “Early Lessons – No Words Needed”

Early Lessons – Meaningful Communication!

Seen and Not Heard: Many times while I was growing up I heard phrases like “kids are meant to be seen and not heard” and while it still bothers me to hear something like that today, I try to look back upon my childhood from my parents’ and elders’ point of view. It’s not easyContinue reading “Early Lessons – Meaningful Communication!”

Early Lessons – You Are Coach!

Coach John, Coach Johnny and Coach Rich: In the small town that I grew up in, I was expected to address adults using “mister”, “misses” or “miss” and then the adult’s surname, i.e. Smith, Jones, etc. When I began playing football, I was instructed to call my coaches by “Coach” and then their first name,Continue reading “Early Lessons – You Are Coach!”

Early Lessons – X’s and O’s

What are X’s and O’s Coach?: When I was playing youth football, each play was called using letters and numbers. The numbers in the play let everyone on the offense know who was getting the ball and where the ball was going. The letters in the play let everyone know which wide receiver was goingContinue reading “Early Lessons – X’s and O’s”