Effort Takes No Talent

Middle School Football: Entering the 2019 football season, I was excited to be able to coach a group of young athletes that I had been coaching for a couple of years. It was middle school football and the goal was to help this group of growing young athletes develop their skills, play together and workContinue reading “Effort Takes No Talent”


My Partner’s Shoe

2 Man Crew: Most youth and high school baseball games that I have had the pleasure to umpire in have used 2 umpires. One who stands behind home plate in full protective gear, calls balls and strikes and keeps the game flowing relatively smoothly. This umpire is called the “plate” umpire. The second umpire isContinue reading “My Partner’s Shoe”

Experience and Control

Spring tickles my senses: When I was younger and still in school, my favorite season was definitely Summer! After all, I had really no responsibilities because there was no school. My number 1 priority was finding a way to get to the baseball field in order to watch, play or umpire a baseball game. MyContinue reading “Experience and Control”

Preventive Officiating – Part II

Someone once asked me: When I first started officiating football games in the early 1990’s, I was once asked by a player, “do you like to officiate?” I took the opportunity to have a short conversation with the athlete who asked this question. I started out by saying that I enjoyed officiating because it madeContinue reading “Preventive Officiating – Part II”

Preventive Officiating – Part I

I am a football Umpire: When the word “umpire” is mentioned, I would think that most sports’ fans would assume that baseball would be the sport. There is also a football official’s position called “umpire”. The umpire on a high school football field is the official whose primary position during scrimmage plays (plays where oneContinue reading “Preventive Officiating – Part I”

Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!

It’s a Game, make it FUN: Well, here it is folks, the last in my “Early Lessons” series of posts. The 10th post in this series will focus on what I feel is the #1 most important lesson that I have learned, it’s a game, make it fun! I had the honor of being ableContinue reading “Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!”

Early Lessons – Trust is a Must

Do Your Job!: When I was a young athlete, I had a number of coaches teach what makes a team and an individual successful. One of the standout themes and lessons that I learned from my coaches was, “if you concentrate on the job that you are supposed to be doing and trust that yourContinue reading “Early Lessons – Trust is a Must”

Early Lessons – If You Aren’t Winning…

Someone to Admire: In 2017, I had the privilege of coaching with someone that I respected deeply and admired for how he was pulling double duty as a coach and a father. It was my second year coaching with him and he had a son on our team. He was an enthusiastic coach and hisContinue reading “Early Lessons – If You Aren’t Winning…”

Early Lessons – Respect for the Game

An Unexpected Opportunity: When I first started coaching, I had a pretty good grasp of the game of football. I did research on how to coach young athletes and studied up on how to create a well designed offensive play. I attended a lot of high school games and watched a lot of football onContinue reading “Early Lessons – Respect for the Game”