Effort Takes No Talent

Middle School Football: Entering the 2019 football season, I was excited to be able to coach a group of young athletes that I had been coaching for a couple of years. It was middle school football and the goal was to help this group of growing young athletes develop their skills, play together and workContinue reading “Effort Takes No Talent”


My Partner’s Shoe

2 Man Crew: Most youth and high school baseball games that I have had the pleasure to umpire in have used 2 umpires. One who stands behind home plate in full protective gear, calls balls and strikes and keeps the game flowing relatively smoothly. This umpire is called the “plate” umpire. The second umpire isContinue reading “My Partner’s Shoe”

Experience and Control

Spring tickles my senses: When I was younger and still in school, my favorite season was definitely Summer! After all, I had really no responsibilities because there was no school. My number 1 priority was finding a way to get to the baseball field in order to watch, play or umpire a baseball game. MyContinue reading “Experience and Control”

Growth through Adversity

Note: Some material in this post may be sensitive. It deals with colorectal cancer and the treatment of it. Summer of 2014: The summer of 2014 seemed to be a pretty normal summer for me. I was playing baseball in a +45 age league and was enjoying it immensely since, baseball was my first loveContinue reading “Growth through Adversity”