The Reach, The Controversy and The Handcuffs!

The game is for kids: As I continued to gain experience as an official for youth athletics, it was becoming apparent to me that some of the focus of the fundamental principles of sports were being distorted and the most important of these fundamentals was that the game was about and for the kids! ItContinue reading “The Reach, The Controversy and The Handcuffs!”


Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!

It’s a Game, make it FUN: Well, here it is folks, the last in my “Early Lessons” series of posts. The 10th post in this series will focus on what I feel is the #1 most important lesson that I have learned, it’s a game, make it fun! I had the honor of being ableContinue reading “Early Lessons – It’s a Game, make it Fun!”